The one and only HERALBONY tote bag is now available

" WALL ART MUSEUM " decorates the pure white temporary fences at construction sites with art by HERALBONY's contracted artists, turning the town into a museum. The project will be releasing a new item, "A One-of-a-Kind Reborn Tote Bag," in our online store and in stores, which is an upcycled version of a large piece of art that was displayed on the temporary fences during this project!

▶︎【One of a kind】Reborn tote bag|See the list here

The art that adorned the city is now available as a tote bag to brighten up your everyday life

  Each piece, about 2-3 meters long, is washed and cut into about 3-6 bags, each with a different design. This sustainable product uses eco-leather made from corn for the handles and scallop shells for the deodorizing and antibacterial properties.
*Due to manufacturing specifications, only one of each design is available for sale. We apologize if the item is sold out.

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We've improved the design to bring you a better product.

The tote bag that is the prototype for this product went on sale in the fall of 2020. After about three years, we received feedback from loyal customers and staff saying, "I wish it was more like this," which prompted us to renew the product and improve its specifications. We revised the design to make it more user-friendly, while keeping the sustainable fabric the same. The gusset has been doubled since the previous version, and a magnetic hook fastener has been added to the opening of the bag. The shoulder strap is removable for a 2-way use, and the HERALBONY brand logo is on the inside pocket.

The fabric is made of tarpaulin, which is durable and stain-resistant, so you can use it safely even in rainy weather. It is also suitable for carrying heavy loads, so it is useful for any occasion, whether you are on your days off or commuting to work or school.

Depending on where the fabric is cut, the patterns on the front, side, and back vary, so it looks beautiful from any angle, and you can enjoy the various expressions of the artwork.

This is your one and only special companion, so please use it for a long time.

[One of a kind] Reborn tote bag | Introducing some of the designs

[One of a kind] Reborn tote bag | "Deep Sea" 1, 2 (XL)
[One of a kind] A reborn tote bag | "Fish" 1 (Keigo Mitsui)

[One of a kind] Reborn tote bag | "Lion" 1 (Chihiro Yagyu)

[One of a kind] Reborn tote bag | "Lion" 2 (Chihiro Yagyu)

[One of a kind] A reborn tote bag | "Encyclopedia of the Sea" 1 (Toshiya Nakajima)

[One of a kind] A reborn tote bag | "Encyclopedia of the Sea" 2 (Toshiya Nakajima)

▶︎【One of a kind】Reborn tote bag|See the list here