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Silk scarf "Kabuto"

Takashi Anzai


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An art scarf that incorporates Takashi Anzai's artwork into the design. It is made of silk material that brings out the best in art. Wrap it around your neck or waist to add a stylish accent.


Product Information

  • Material: 100% silk
  • Size: 88cm x 88cm
  • made in Japan


  • Please note that the color may fade due to friction when wet with sweat or water.
  • Do not use a steam iron.
  • The mesh may become distorted (tears). Please be careful of pulling or getting caught on anything.

unico / Currently working at the Museum of Beginnings (Fukushima Prefecture)

He skillfully extracts the information he is looking for, such as pictures and words, from the magazines and newspaper inserts around him, and expresses his thoughts. He is also very expressive, expressing his emotions through facial expressions, gestures, and inarticulate tones of voice, as well as through drawing. Events he is looking forward to, things he is not satisfied with, the daily weather, the changing seasons. The movements of Anzai's mind become colors, and bold brushstrokes are delicately layered on top of each other.

This work, entitled "Kabuto (Helmet)," was inspired by a helmet ornament he found in an advertisement during the May festival. Many of Anzai's works are created by drawing and layering bold strokes of lines using colorful crayons across the entire surface of the canvas, but in this work he has switched to using small "tanpo" crayons. Blue, yellow, red, light blue, pink, and yellow-green. The colors are mixed together in an inhomogeneous way, creating a work of attraction that gives the impression that something elusive, like the source of life, is welling up from the depths of the canvas.

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