《MEN'S HERALBONY STYLE》More art in men's fashion [#LifeWithUniqueness]

This series, "#UnconventionalLife," is a lifestyle column brought to you by Nakatsuka Miyu (known as MIU), the creative director of the art lifestyle brand "HERALBONY." Although she has a rather dry personality, MIU has a hidden passion in her heart. She will introduce you to how to enjoy HERALBONY's art and products and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle in a "relaxed, gentle, and passionate" manner.

◎Nakatsuka Miu / @iiimiiiu
Press and Creative Director of the art lifestyle brand "HERALBONY". Oversees the creative aspects of digital initiatives. Worked in sales and social media at Tomorrowland before assuming his current position. Has over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Has an older brother with autism and intellectual disabilities.

HERALBONY art is not just something to look at, but something to wear. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels something special just by matching it with my usual fashion. So this time, we asked fashion advisor Tomohiro Oshuya (@tomo_ohshu), who has over 20 years of experience in the men's dress industry , to suggest a men's style using HERALBONY art.

Artistic ties to accentuate your suit

The first product of HERALBONY was the art necktie. It is a beautiful piece made of silk that faithfully reproduces the force of the brush strokes and the vivid colors of the unique artists, and was made in collaboration with the long-established men's clothing store "Ginza Taya". We asked them to style it with art neckties by two unique artists with Down's syndrome, which are being reissued and sold in limited quantities to commemorate "BUDDY WEEK".

Yu Takada's "Maze" features red and yellow lines running through various tones of blue, and is paired with a navy jacket and blue shirt. The art adds a touch of elegance and playfulness to a suit style that can easily come across as too serious.

The energy of this unique artist is recreated in 100% silk. You'll find yourself staring at it for a long time.
This necktie, with its dancing shapes, is a reproduction of Kiyoshi Yaegashi's "(Untitled) (House) ." Yaegashi's unique use of color nicely accentuates the warm, spring-like style of the beige suit and pink shirt.
Yaegashi's works, which depict buildings with a unique arrangement, also make great gifts for people who work in the building or house industry.

"HERALBONY BUDDY WEEK" is a period from "World Autism Awareness Day" on March 21 to "World Autism Awareness Day" on April 2, during which we will accompany people as a unique "buddy." This year, in order to raise awareness of "autism" and "Down syndrome" among many people, we are re-selling this necktie, which was sold out and will not be restocked due to its popularity.

The quantity is limited, so if you are interested, please purchase it as soon as possible. (Only available to online store members)

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Scarves and men's fashion go surprisingly well together

I love the style of men casually wearing scarves that you often see in overseas fashion snaps. Scarves can change the impression you give depending on how you tie them, and they are surprisingly easy to match with a wide range of fashion styles.

The unique coloring and powerful brush strokes of Yaegashi Kiryo's "(Untitled) (House)" match well with the American casual style.

Silk scarf "(Untitled) (House)"

In the outfit shown in the photo, it is folded into a long, thin shape, wrapped twice, and then tied in a knot. The firmness of the 100% silk makes the casual khaki jacket look a notch more elegant.

You can also tuck the scarf into your knitwear and let it peek out from under your collar. Scarves come in many colors, so you can adjust the area you want to show to make them more flashy or more subtle, making them a versatile piece that can be arranged to suit any occasion.

We also styled the scarf with a blue by Toshio Katahira . The cold blue of the artwork is reminiscent of ice, and is interspersed with slightly murky colors, giving it a variety of expressions, just like a cloudy sky.

Toshio Katahira "(Untitled)"

Such a versatile scarf is perfect for both casual and formal styles. This time, we tried matching it with a refreshing marine style. In early spring, wearing it with a white shirt with the collar open will instantly create a mature look.

You may think that tying a scarf is difficult, but it seems that large men's scarves can create a casual look by simply wearing them around the neck.

Turn everyday items into fashion

Another item I would like to recommend for men's coordination is the art handkerchief. It is actually 53cm x 53cm, about the size of a mini scarf, so it is the perfect size to wrap around your neck. I have collected several of them and
love them so much that I frame them at home .

Handkerchief "Afrikarose"

First fold it in half diagonally, then fold it in half again to make a long, thin strip.

Just wrap it around your neck and tie it in a knot to complete the look. The distressed denim gives a sense of freedom, linking with the happy coloring of "Afrikarose" by Taisuke Kinugasa.

Pair it with a casual jacket for an open and sophisticated look.

If you're a music lover, why not try incorporating the art of Keisuke Mori, who paints oil paintings based on record jackets, into your fashion?

Handkerchief "Ballad of Youth"

Oshutani's styling is inspired by the image of a cultured guy's day off, visiting a second-hand bookstore in Jimbocho or going out to eat curry.

"Ballad of Youth," based on the famous Showa era actor Kensaku Morita, features dusty blue and heavy art that creates a nostalgic atmosphere and matches well with leather and suede items. It also goes well with denim and navy blazers, so it would suit a preppy fashion.

Fashion is one way of expressing yourself. By incorporating art into your everyday outfits, you can take on a new look.

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