Fumi Takada

Born in 1986. Recently, he has been getting more opportunities to work carefully on large works. Her specialties are sweets, rooms, buildings, and clothes. The Eiffel Tower, a recurring motif, fits her maidenly spirit. She loves zoos, where all the animals are like family, and she also says that she wants to paint living creatures and animals spending their time comfortably in nature. But her dream is to do a painting performance behind the stage of Arashi. In particular, she would like to collaborate with Ohno-kun on a painting.


Introduction of art works

Enjoy a trip to France in search of wine and cheese

" Tasting France : A Gastronomic Adventure for Wine and Cheese "


"Unleash Your “Exceptionality” "

"“Intellectual Disability”. Within the spectrum exists variants of personalities. Rich sensitivities, intricate dexterity, bold ideas, refined attractiveness and more. Not “typical”, in turn, brings possibilities to life. We aim to transcend borders by the names of prejudice and common sense that divide this world. By delivering diverse “exceptionalities” to society in various ways, we aspire to shape a new culture by pioneering a welfare-centered approach."


Together with artists, we will create a sustainable brand. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of products purchased at our store will be returned to the artists and welfare facilities.