[Limited quantity] Necktie "Maze"《 BUDDY WEEK 2024 》


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Yu Takada


As a special project for HERALBONY BUDDY WEEK 2024, we will be re-selling in limited quantities the art necktie "Labyrinth" by the unique artist Takada Yu, which was sold out and will not be restocked due to its popularity.

This high-quality necktie is a faithful reproduction of the art of an unusual artist with Down Syndrome. Why not take this opportunity to get your hands on one?

This product is available for purchase exclusively to online store members.

HERALBONY's first product is the art necktie. This jacquard art piece will make you look special just by wearing it.

The refined luster and style of the ties produced in our Yamagata workshop. Through our collaboration with the long-established men's clothing store "Ginza Taya", we are able to provide the highest quality ties.

Product Information

  • Material: 100% silk
  • Blade width: 7.5cm
  • Total length: 146cm


  • The delicate weaving that expresses art and the subtle, refined luster are made possible by the silk weaving techniques of artisans.
  • You can extend the life of your item by storing it on a hook or hanger to prevent it from losing its shape or getting wrinkled.
  • If you cannot store it hanging, store it rolled up.
  • Please refrain from washing or dry cleaning as this may damage the original texture of the tie or cause it to lose its shape.
  • Please note that friction and abrasion may cause scratches and pilling.




高田 祐

Yu Takada




素材 シルク100%
サイズ 剣先幅 7.5cm/全長 146cm
生産国 made in Japan
お手入れ方法 アートを表現する繊細な織、繊細かつ上品な光沢を可能にしているのは職人によるシルクの織りの技術です。 型崩れやシワにならないようフックやハンガーに吊るして保管していただけますとより長くご愛用いただけます。 吊るして保管できない場合は丸めて保管してください。 ネクタイ本来の風合いが損なわれたり、型崩れをおこす可能性がございますので洗濯やクリーニングはお控えください。 また、摩擦や擦れはキズや毛羽立ちの原因になりますのでご注意ください。